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Are Unbounce Landing Pages A Good Choice For Small Businesses or Start-Ups?

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know landing pages are essential for any small business and startup. And if you invest in pay per click advertising, you need landing pages like tech support needs troubleshooting (no matter how much you try to explain the issue, they don’t believe it until they actually see it). 

But where should a business start?  There are so many platforms to choose from. That’s where we come in.  Our team uses a “trial and error” approach to highlight the pros and cons of different platforms which helps businesses avoid pitfalls. Basically, we are platform test dummies, and we’re proud of it. 

Our nerdy zeal for platform optimization is fueled by the need to answer two FUNDAMENTAL questions:

How will the product move the business forward?  How can it shorten the to-do list?

We recently tested the Unbounce platform for creating landing pages. Right away our team was super geeked about this one (imagine Trekkies at a Star Trek convention drinking espressos from a Captain Kirk cup…yep).  First, we noticed there were over 100 eye-catching themes available, with customizable pages that showcase specific products.  We quickly learned that there were multiple added bonuses to using this platform.  We were attracted to the “goal-specific” options such as “Lead Generation”, “Click-Through, and “Product Sales” with blank templates.  These templates contain helpful guides like “what should go here and why” written in each section. Such features help users understand what specific content should do on a landing page, and how to spot such tactics on a competitor’s page.

We were also impressed with Unbounce’s unique pop-up feature.  Pop-ups are notoriously annoying, but the fact is, they CONVERT.  Period. So we were impressed with how Unbounce made pop-ups customizable to promote smarter, more dynamic calls to action.  These settings can be added to landing pages or websites with specifications for when you want them to appear, what type of device is being used, and if it’s a new or returning customer. They use engaging messages like, “Well, since you are on a mobile phone”, or “Welcome Back”, making them less annoying with more personalized experiences.  SWEET! These features create smoother transitions in the multi-level sales process, with triggered messages tailored to correspond with behaviors.

Ever heard of Sticky Bars? Well, Unbounce managed to simplify this useful feature that helps businesses capture conversations. The feature is Google-friendly (streamlining tools is always a major plus), optimized for mobile devices, and non-intrusive. If your business relies on speed and mobility, you’ll love how this feature simplifies customer direct contact.

Other features we love about Unbounce include its ability to be integrated with websites or CRM’s through Zapier, code, or WordPress Plugins. We specifically evaluated this feature using the WordPress Plugin and we came up with zero complaints.

An added bonus, as if we needed more, is how easy Unbounce is to install and sync with your website. You can even publish it under your domain and simplify tracking for Google Analytics (we were almost drooling at this point).

If you love Analytics and Metrics as we do, you’re naturally concerned about retaining important information when using this platform.  Again, NO WORRIES!  You can easily integrate tracking from each page and even install dynamic functionality via a JavaScript tab conveniently located at the bottom of each page.  Crazy easy right?

Finally (no we’re not done yet), the mobile-specific design tab, get this, IS RESPONSIVE! And as if you needed more reasons to bounce off the walls (hey it was funny when I wrote it), Unbounce even has a versatile design that works with any mobile device, and desktop or laptop computer. It’s a fantastic way to design your pages for maximum placement, without sacrificing the look and feel of your brand.

In a nutshell, we like this product A LOT! We even credit most of our positive feedback to us being able to use these valuable tools.  Believe it or not, there are even more advantages that we would like to share about this platform.  In fact, there will be another post on this awesome product and additional tools that add phone numbers and integrations such as CallRail and PhoneWagon. We aren’t super geeked for nothing, Unbounce is loaded with awesome features. 

In the meantime, please don’t just take our word for it.  Try it for free here and shoot us an email to let us know how you feel about it. We’re always looking to learn, and we are fascinated with helping businesses grow through experience.


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